Before crossing oceans, Wattershed will connect major coastal substations, adding transmission capacity and resiliency to regional grids. California offers an optimal proving ground. In just 500 kilometers (illustrated below), Wattershed could connect the state’s four largest utilities at substations with 2 to 3 gigawatts of capacity each: from San Onofre (SDG&E) to Long Beach (SCE and LADWP) to Oxnard (SCE) to Diablo Canyon (PG&E). Connecting the Hawaiian Islands offers a perfect test case for Wattershed’s trans-oceanic subsea HTS-HVDC cable. Connecting the inner islands (O’ahu, Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i) separated by shallow waters presents a challenge similar to connecting grids along continental shelves along the coasts. Connecting the outer islands of Kauai and Hawaii would require a deep-water solution similar to stretches of the Pacific and North Atlantic.